HELLO, 2020!

first and foremost, I wanna say HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020!! do you agree with me if I say 2019 flies way too fast? if do then we'r in the same page hahah because maybe in 2019 I've been so busy with my final paper to graduate as fast as possible and I made it. I start to travel more than before, in 2019 is my first time watching concert. Last but not least, my first time working as writer and start earning from my hobby since I was little, which is photography.

in short, there are lots of my "first time" in 2019 and I feel beyond blessed.

somehow I can feel something in 2020 and I feel like 2020 will be the start of all beginning. 

Tokyo, 2019
Tokyo, 2019
 This year I don't have any brand new resolutions or goal for myself because there are still some points of 2019's resolutions that I need to do this year which are move out from my hometown and find a job in Jakarta, travel to places in Indonesia that I've never been to, like Jogja, Bali, Sumba et cetera and lastly is hiking to Mount Prau. Hopefully this year I can tick all my resolutions. 

Talking about resolutions, I often read people's resolution is save more. so I've some tips that perhaps I can help you because this method helps my friend and I therefore I wanna share in my blog for several months ago but since I've topic to write so I pending this topic for a sec

before going to the points, do you ever think about what exactly makes you failed in saving? is it because of online shopping? or hang out with friends? or maybe just simply your salary hard to come up with your main outcome such as transportation fee, daily foods and residence which is basically a prime outcome?

from my research, teenagers at my age especially girls love online shopping not to mention when there is seasonal promo. I bet you get my point, in this case my method is: only install the online shopping app when you really need to buy that stuff and uninstall the app by the time the stuff you purchased is arrived. yes, I know it takes time and all that but believe me when the app is still there, you will open the app then the process will be from I don't want that stuff -> interested with that stuff -> I want it -> I need it -> I buy it. not to mention all notification about promo that keep on popping in your phone and drive you to check on this and that which leads you to keep on order and order things that maybe you don't need that. 

remember: buy stuff if you need it, not want it. 

Medan, 2019
see, I don't meant that hang out with friends is no good. it's just you need to check on your wallet for a while before you say "yes" to all invitations especially when the spot is cafe. we both know that cafe is quiet pricey, so my point is, make a target. set your priority. for instance, I really love cafe hopping with friends but I know it's pricey so I set target which is maximum 3 times per month and I always priority my friend who study or work outside the city I live in because we can't meet anytime we want, thus in this case both my relationship with friends and my finance are balance.

lastly is about salary hard to come up with the expenses although it's barely no extra shopping unnecessary stuffs. well, in this case it's better to start online business / freelance job. I totally get it mainly when it talking about girls. we, as a woman always have extra expenses if we compare to man. hair care, face care, body care, outfit, you name it. because of that, I sell my preloved stuffs and in order to buy, I have to sell my stuff first so the gap isn't too big between expense and income. 

Bangkok, 2019
and it's a wrap for my first blog post in 2020, can't wait to write more and more journeys on my upcoming blog post. 

gosh, never thought I would be this consistence in writing on my blog since the first time I start writing on 2014 😜



  1. I tried this several years ago and had a terrible time with getting all of it to be straight. I eventually made some shorter, some longer and used that layout.

  2. Happy 2020! Hope it's an amazing year!


  3. Happy New Year.
    Beautiful photos.