Hey mates! as what I've said in my previous blog post, I'll traveling to Bangkok and it's time for you to sit back and chill while reading this post alright. 

Where to stay?
Well, this is basically the main point when you're traveling. where to stay?
From me, there two options. If your aim is shopping then I will recommend you to stay in Pratunam area just like I did. oh jeez, walking for more or less 10 minutes then you will arrive in their market which especially sell clothes and bottoms ! if you walk around 20-30 minutes, there are lots of malls there.
Different from you who like night life, Sukhumvit area suits you well because there are lots of pub there and I also visited new Mall which called Emquartier, and look what I found! oh this breathtaking view successfully makes me speechless

Where to go?
Besides shopping, there are lots of temples or museums that you should visit.
Wat Arun is basically like "must visit" place when you're in Bangkok and no wonder that you will find a lot of tourists there. Going to Wat Arun isn't that easy tho because you have to go there by boat (which means you have to pay) but it's not that bad because by paying 200 B, I can go several place by using boat and I got chance to visit the biggest mall in Bangkok called Icon Siam. back to Wat Arun, Wat means Temple #fyi and here are some photos

hands down for its architecture! all of the hues are made of ceramic and it's just so beautiful if I can say.

oh yes, before I write more about where to go I will attach the boat that I use when I visit Wat Arun, Icon Siam, Khao San Road, and Asiatique.
you can sit on top or down stair 

my view when dusk.
Asiatique also a "must visit" place, in here sells so many food which is more into night-market vibes. In fact, they sell alligator meat as well.

Pratunam area is definitely a place that you have to visit no matter you love shopping or not because you can see the crowd and how amazing Bangkok is where there is a bridge that connected from one mall to another so we can easily walk without getting heat from the sun.

You like Chinese food? well, Chinatown is the answer but it doesn't mean that they only sell Chinese food tho. it is phychology thingy I guess when you wanna eat Chinese food then you gotta go to chinatown. I would prefer you to come here at night because you can see all the lights and obviously it would enhance the vibes.  

After a long walk, all we need is Thai Massage. It's calming and relaxing, some people said Thai Massage also a must to include in your itinerary. Perhaps you should give a try

I've one recommended museum that I didn't have chance to visit. It's called Erawan Museum. why don't you try to google it out and thank me later(:

What to eat?
I think every Bangkok foods are delicious, at least for me. Because I like something spicy and a bit sour. Tom Yum is a must when you visit Thailand. keep that in mind.
After You cafe. This cafe is soooo hype in Bangkok and I ordered baby size because I went there all by myself and turns out I can't finished it too because it's a lot. but on top of that, it's delicious! 
This is the popular Honey Shibuya Toast
 If I can say, this Bamii Sabx2 is too overrated. You have to queue just to eat this pork noodle because there are always out of space. [ 100 B / bowl ]

 Thai Tea also a must when you're in Bangkok and no joke this brand is the best of the best.

This bread also so popular in Bangkok and I ate it in Chinatown. Pardon me, I couldn't write their name here but you can find it on my Instagram Story(:

IT'S MICHELIN GUIDE HAINAN CHICKEN RICE!! You gotta queue too for this savory chicken rice. I don't know about you but I'm the biggest fan of chicken rice and I like this. You can also request which part of the chicken you like. I'm major love chicken breast so I ordered mine with chicken breast.

Any Transportation options?
When in Thailand, I would recommend you to try using TukTuk at least once because there are lots of TukTuk scams especially for tourist so I think once is enough.

BTS, it's a monorail that ease us to go from one place to another. Negative side is that for elder people, it would be quiet hard and you need more in walking but put aside the negativity, the positive side is that it's way cheaper. I used BTS when I got chance to solo traveling on my last day in Bangkok.

Grab. It's an online taxi. 

Taxi. It's a freaking taxi. 

Bus. I didn't use bus but I think you should give a try but not when you travel with your fam. 

and it comes to the end. hope this post helps you, mates. After more or less 10 years finally I'm back to Bangkok and I can see lots of differences compare to last time I visited Bangkok and nothing can express my feeling besides happy. 

oh jeez, it's already the last month of the year and all I can say is that I'm beyond blessed with whatever happens to me this whole year and I'm surely can't wait to see what's waiting for me in upcoming years.

have you start counting blessing? 



  1. So many wonderful experiences. All I know is I would love to try tai massage right now.

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  4. Great post. Thank you for sharing! :)
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