Oh, hi mates! I'm really miss blogging so much tbh but these past months I just don't feel like writing much aside on my full time job as content writer. I'm sorry.

Soooo, this month has been magical. I never thought my birthday this year would be much much better than before #blessed

The excitement is elevating in every level tho, and now it's time to tell you why. 

See, since I live alone in Jakarta, most of my weekends are filled with working on my family business' Instagram account or hanging with friends. So earlier this month I realized how much I miss "me time", therefore on Saturday morning I woke up real quick, took a shower, wear a most comfy outfit with tote bag, and start roving around South Jakarta using public transportations.

It was hella fun! You should try it, you know. Just you, your playlist, and go wherever you want.

Next, I celebrated birthday while sleepover at Verine's (left). These two cupcakes and Finley, who wasn't in frame, are my friends since I was junior high back then in Medan. We separated during college and three of us reunited again in Jakarta.

Funny how we separate for four years but the 10+ years friendship still going strong. Love them to the core!

Moving on. 
This month happen to has Eid Mubarak long holiday, therefore I sleepover in my cousin's. They invited me to Haidilao and my first experience there was marvelous. The food is 11/10 (not gonna lie, shooo good!) and my cousins surprised me with birthday dancing from the employees.

It was so embarrassing because people are looking at me, but on the other hand I was thrill because they got me. Yeah, they got me good because it was spotless and I didn't expect anything tho.

Note: If we become friend on Instagram, you prolly saw how shocked, happy, and laugh until shed tears I am through my Instagram story.

Lastly and the highlight surprise of the year is the spontaneous road trip.
Yes, I really love road trip especially go to somewhere I can see view like below. Gosh, the memories still flying all over my head and it was really fun tho.

This trip is totally unprepared. The idea of this trip came out from my head three days before I went to Bogor and I packed real quick without booking any hotel. All plans about where to go and sleep are still vague, but that's the most interesting points. The experience is indescribable and for sure I would like to have this kind of road trip again!

Here comes to the end, hopefully this post entertains you and I'm able to write more often on my blog like I used to. Oh yes, this year I plan to travel in several places in Indonesia, so see you on upcoming post about my travel journey!

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