Hey mates! I just graduated from my uni yesterday. I'm beyond blessed and so freaking happy thus I want make this post dedicated for people around and everything happens throughout these years. First thing first, I want to thanks God for everything. I don't know what His plan for me because in the first place I never thought to continue my education in UPH but turns out pretty well because I meet new people who makes me laugh everyday when I'm in class. 

This is one of my close mates in uni and I just don't know what to say other than big thanks! First time when I join new class, I never thought that we will be friend because she just don't talk a lot and maybe she don't know that I was a there the whole time but guess what we went through our final paper together from scratch and we both know that the struggle is real. every up and down we went through together, in all, I couldn't thank her enough tho. 

suddenly become my favorite spots in my room.

Thanks to mum, dad, cousins, and Paul for these.

last but not least, my favorite lecture, Ms. Lila. Thank you very much✨

This would be one of my memories that I couldn't forget. The hectic, laughter and joy. 

Woke up in 3:30 AM for makeup, oh jeez this is legit! The whole day made me so sleepy and tired but it's totally worth it. Not to mention when MC called me with the additional "Cum Laude" after my name, gives me extra proud of myself that I made it! I'm so proud of all of us because we made it, I know it's far from easy but yeah.. look at us now. For several mates that have to postpone their graduation which caused from several reasons, you can do it too. It's just the matter of time, as long as you put effort on it. 

Next month I'll travel again!! which means my upcoming blog post will about travel. So excited about every content that I write on my blog, especially about travel. Next month I'll bring mum and dad to travel and honestly I'm quite surprise that in my age I'm able to bring them to travel. Well, I believe my next destination is one of the most favorite destination therefore my upcoming blog post will be interesting!



  1. Huge congrats dear! Wishing you all the best in your new endeavors.

    Jessica |

  2. So cute! Congrats!!

    x Merel