hey mates! good to be back and carry on my Japan trip journey, finally now we are in the last part of the trip. Lists that I will mention below are somehow the best I've ever mentioned, save the best for the last. 

Fans of Takoyaki or that crispy bread with strawberry filling? if you are then visiting Gindaco is a must! I meant, how can you go to Japan but not try their most favorite dishes? Still remember, it was beautiful morning with bright sun and windy air, my cousin and I sat on their small shop and eating these after shopping in their local store.

WISHLIST CHECKED! at first my cousin and I have a long thought about which should we choose, Disneyland or Disneysea? turns out we choose Disneysea because it's beyond blessing and out of our expectation that we can go to Japan, since Disneysea only can be founded in Japan so in case this is our last time in Japan then we have no regret leaving because we choose Disneysea.

Actually we tried lots of foods that they sell, but these cutie aliens mochi is the best of the best so I just post this. guess what, each mochi has different flavor! which bring personal surprise for me guessing which flavor is this.

Everytime I traveling, I always look for hidden gem. Place that not so familiar or perhaps it's so hard to find, I'll go! Found this aisle in around Shinjuku, close to their train station. Actually I saw several western photographer or traveler went here but never thought of my mind that it is so hard to find this place. I don't know it is because my cousin and my phone are dead so we couldn't use map or because it is small aisle so it is more complicated. Well, at first I was shocked because majority people who sell foods are people from China, not Japanese.

Another must-eat food when you're in Japan especially Tokyo is fluffy pancake in Gram. Good news! now Gram also open their branch in Jakarta, Indonesia. seriously, by the time I taste it I'm feeling like I'm in cloud 9! well, in Gram each customer must order 1 food/drink so these are what we order. Actually we want to try their original fluffy pancake but it is sold out so we tried their fluffy pancake with three-layer-of-topping. On bottom is egg, middle is chocolate with cream and on top is fruits.

Last time I had almost one free day alone at Tokyo because my cousin took early flight back to hometown meanwhile mine was at midnight so I decided to go somewhere to chill. I choose Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building as my destination, because it's free. yes, it's free. Tokyo Tower sounds cool, but since at that time I didn't have lots of money and I still needed to use my money for eat and transportation so I prefer Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building and you can see Mount Fuji from here! so if you have another free time and you want to see Tokyo from top then Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building will be a destination that you take into consideration. but you guys have to queue because there are lots of people there.

For me, Ginza is more about elite and shopping centre. You can find any brands you want, in fact there is 6 floors UNIQLO in Ginza.  

Last but not least is Gyukatsu. oh jeez! this is h-e-a-v-e-n. There are slices of raw beef that you can grill it by yourself, dip it with various sauces, salad, scallop, soup and rice. This is just a perfect mix! since you grill it by yourself, you can decide whether it is rare, medium rare or well-done.

so it's a wrap for my Japan trip, jeez I miss Japan so much tho. Hopefully next year I have a chance to travel around Indonesia and visit place that I've never been to.


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