TOKYO, 2019 [PART I]

Hey mates! finally back to my Japan trip post, I'm beyond excited to talk about Tokyo because this city is nothing but f-u-n. If you skipped my post while in Osaka, just click this [ WHAT TO DO IN OSAKA ] then you'll directly link to my post because you surely don't wanna skip that post tho! and of course you can read from my another post during in Yamanashi Perfecture and Kyoto too. 

My cousin and I were in Tokyo for 7-day and of course we just take our time and don't rush while in there but to be honest, everyday we always went to either Shibuya/ Harajuku/ Shinjuku until we know so well about these three places. But we also went to another places, so hopefully this blog will help you where to go and what to eat while in Tokyo. As usual, let me start with photos.

When you're in Tokyo, you have to go to Shibuya and feel the crowd in world famous Shibuya Crossing and Hachiko statue. A MUST! I went there for several times but still amazed about this crowd. Since I have one free day alone because my cousin already flight back to Jakarta so I spend around 300 yen in Crossing View so I can see the crowd and took some pictures from above. Well, if you have extra time and money to spend, you should go to Crossing View. It's located near Shibuya crossing there is a sign written down that it is an elevator to Crossing View. To make it easier for you since there is several road around Shibuya crossing, you take the one that has McDonald.

Fans of quirky Japanese Harajuku style? then you need to go to Harajuku, from my experience I can see those people with their quirky style only on Sunday because during weekday I couldn't find any. 
In Harajuku there is lots of small aisle selling fashion stuffs and of course, food. I ate this yummy crispy churros with vanilla filling. jeez, feeling like in cloud 9!

Japan has so many temple, it's like whenever city you are in there is always a temple. Sensoji temple is quiet crowded temple and I saw people are asking for luck and pray. It's quiet interesting tho although you just playing tourist. In front of this temple there are lots of store selling souvenir and foods thats why I think this is a place that you need to take into consideration for you to visit.

YESS! SEAFOOD. I meant who doesn't like seafood? My cousin and I woke up super early and gathering our appetite for these super fresh seafood. I really recommend you to Tsukiji Market. Early this year, Tsukiji market is moving to another area near Ginza so from Ginza station, we walk for approximately 30 minutes to Tsukiji Market but you can easily come to that place now no matter how early you are because of Google Maps, thank you! and oh! besides seafood you also can found another food like fruits or their famous Tamago Stick. Well, that strawberry mochi is just too good but for their famous Tamago Stick, my cousin and I feel that it is overrated tho. Good, but not "that good".

okay this might be a bit out of topic but I really want to tell you guys because I found this kinda funny. I've read from articles that Japan has small toilet but I really don't expect THIS SMALL! or should I say, tiny(?) hahahaha but I finally try their sitting area for disposal and yess it is surreal nice! funny how when the weather supposed to be so cold even in the room but when you seat, it is really warm. really make me don't wanna stand up. okay, pardon me.

I still have bunch of lists for you but I will split it into two blog posts so it won't bore you. Make sure you read my second blog posts because will talk more foods you have to try, Disney Sea, hidden gems and etc. Before I end up this post, I will share additional photos to tease you guys about how fun Tokyo is.

see you soon!



  1. Such a lively and vibrant city! It's definitely one of my favorite cities to visit. Lovely photos dear!

    Jessica |

  2. Amazing pictures, hon! I'll mark this as my next holiday destination for sure!
    Adi xx |

  3. I was there one month ago and... it's a wonderful city! I want to come back!
    Have a great day dear! xx

    La ilusión de Nina -