hey mates! good to be back.
so.. since December 2017 I was so into Bullet Journal ( or should I say bujo ) so much and I decided to start doing it in January 2018 and I still do until now. at first I watched one of my favourite Youtuber, her name is Jasmine (but she called herself Jusuf so..) I was so amazed about how her life is so organized and I think it is a good thing to implement. in addition, there are abundant recommendation of bujo videos from Youtube and I'm into it, eventually. and after 8-month I implement bujo in my life, I feel my life become so organized. which is a good thing. 
drawing is obviously not my forte but because of bujo, I tried my best in drawing and try to be creative because I don't want my planner is so plain and boring. but.. I'm still learning.

so these are some of my bujo theme, feel free to say your thought in comment box below I would love to read your comment! and oh, I will list down every things I use for my bujo.

book : Miniso
color brushes : Tombow, Sakura (KOI)
writing pen : Pilot
drawing pen : MyGel

I think its a wrap about this post because basically there are only little things to talk about but honestly I'm just so happy that I'm starting making planner now. kinda feel like my drawing skill improved....... lil bit.
see you guys on my upcoming post! #muchlove



  1. Ja sam isto kupila jednu teku nedavno i pretvorila je u dnevnik. Tvoj bullet journal super izgleda, baš si kreativna.


  2. Odličan post, a crteži su preslatki. :)
    Pogledaj moj novi post

  3. My first time hearing about bullet journaling was from another YouTuber as well - thatschic (Rachel Ngyuen). Funny you say that it has made you more organized cause the concept of bullet journaling seems a little disorganized compared to traditional planners. What are your favorite bullet journaling videos? I'd love to check them out and consider trying it out for myself.


    1. perhaps i never try using traditional planner thus i dont know how it will help to make my life more organized. currently i love to watch Jordan Clark’s bullet journal videos, maybe you should check her out(:

  4. This is so good! Love the outcome. Keep on drawing!