oh hey mates! first thing first, this post is about love. i know it seems unlike me but yes it is about love. 
this afternoon i went to book store and read a book called " Memberi Jarak pada Cinta - FALAFU " translated become " Distance from Love - FALAFU " , then this book helps me a lot to overcome what i  went through which is broken heart and i just want to share with you guys who read my blog post. once again, thank you. actually it happened for a while already i just haven't found any inspiration to write about this stuff. see, we do know that people come and go sometimes it leaves a deep scars which is sucks. me, as example. this is the second times i face broken heart and this time really hurt a lots and i realized that i loved him to much i gave him all the love and i am such a  f o o l  because he hurt me not once or twice, but several times. but still, i forgive and forgive until there is a time where i just cant take it anymore then i decided to over it because i think that there is no point i stay with him and keep forgiving him but he just doesnt care.
no, i dont regret i break up with him, in fact im grateful that i have learnt to be more mature and selective. somehow there is a part of me that i regret i ever meet him. i do, i really do because i dont want to list down many exes in my relationship folder if you know what i mean tho. so in this book that i mentioned above, she taught me that if he doesnt worth it then you have to just let him go and fill your heart with someone who really worth it. its okay to let go rather than you keep hurting yourself . let me tell you what, at first i was scare that this will hurt me a lot, i will spend my night crying for hours then fall asleep( perhaps it sounds dramatic but it happened, girls know how it is) but then i think that is it the same as while we stay together? i also cried a lot. not to mention he left me with no news for a week. girls, can you imagine how i feel? we didnt meet for months and suddenly he disappeared, i dont know where to find and who to ask. gee! but its okay, i take it as karma because i ever made mistake. so girls, its okay to let go someone if you think you have no reason to stay for any longer. why you have to be the one who is hurting while the other just chill? think smart. things i hate about being girl is that everything is about feeling. its like feeling over logic, sucks.
anyway. i do believe that God will give the right person to me, wait for it. im looking forward for the right person, who can appreciate and care more. funny how i used to love him so much but when im free from him, free from worrying about where he is, what he is doing, i dont want him back when he ask for second chance. enough is enough.

good thing takes time.
note for girls (and boys) : the word "break up" is the most sensitive word, seriously. before you said it, you had better think what will happen before you regret. good relationship do not say this kind of word in any situation but when one party said so, then he or she really mean it.
since i wrote nonsense for so long already, so i post some pictures okay?haha i know it is not related but yeah.. i just want to add lil bit colors in this post.

me , Rut ( location : in the rooftop of our university )

after break up, the biggest fear is memories. when it attacks and all the feelings come, i screw up. as day goes by then i find out that its just a fase and im gonna act cool with that since i couldnt cry anymore because all the feelings lost and i feel numb. it takes time. obviously.



  1. That's cool post!
    Can you follow me? I follow you. :)

    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. I agree, whether I broke up or stay, i still cry hahaha
    Semangat ya! We can overcome this XD

  3. Loving the color of your green top!

    Rina Samantha

  4. we all learn from out mistakes and experiences and grow stronger from it. Stay strong and best wishes! may you meet the right person and find courage to love again.

  5. Mistakes make you stronger and you learn from them along the way. At least you know that you can't give people too many chances to break your hear over and over again. Hope you heal from your breakup soon.

  6. Dont worry honey, your heart will heal eventually, and Im sure you will find the love of your life soon!!! (here is a single one speaking hhahah)

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  8. forget about it and have a new and better start, nessa! :)

  9. I'm sorry to hear you've gone through a tough time with your break up, but it's good you are seeing the positive side to it and you found a really helpful book! As you said, everything will get easier with time :)

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  10. I love your dab shot!