several days ago i met my best friends and we spent hours with laughter, gee i miss them already. in case you want to know who they are, you can click THIS . i met all of them besides Finley because she still in Japan for study so yeah. i dont know what you think but for me it is really hard to find true-good-friends and in fact, my friends are less than ten ( i am not pathetic anyway ). see, i am type of person who is hard or even cannot fake my feeling and expression so when i dont like you i rather dont look at you and even talk. in addition im an introvert person. so those are the reasons why i dont have many friends but i still feel bless tho because my friends are truly friends. like seriously mates. we can talk everything all day all night, no matter what.
since we all have different activities and plus some are in different country so it is kinda hard for us to talk frequently but its okay because our bond is still there and thats what matter. we started our friendship from junior high until now so yeah approximately nine years perhaps thats why we have such a strong bond among us.well, in university i do not have friend that i can categorize them as my best friend, it kinda sucks but its okay at least i still have my girls.
left to right : Joy, me, Tasya

left to right : Verine, me, Joscelin
oh yes! fun fact about people in picture 1.
three of us are from different race and religion but amazingly we became friends for years already and still counting boo! i think we really prove to others that religion and race aint matter, as long as you love each other. so yap, dont be racism!  
those people above are the reason why i still can laugh and face all problems that slap my face, like seriously. they always be there when i need somebody to talk to, we always ready to share and help each other no matter how busy we are. gee i love you all so much!


knit wear : H&M
legging : unbranded 
shoes : Staccato
sling bag : GUESS
anyway, i bring back my old hair which means i cut off my curls! I AM SO FREAKING HAPPY

stay tuned,


  1. you guys look so cute together, friendship is everything !
    love the H&M Knit

  2. This is such a lovely post and you all look gorgeous xx

  3. Friendship is everything! You guys looks amazing!

  4. Spending time with besties is the greatest feeling ever! you guys all look so cute!

  5. I love the photos of you together with your friends!!! It sounds wonderful being together, laughing and enjoying each others' company.
    Your outfit looks stylish and comfortable, and you look fabulous.

  6.'re look so amazing, but I think familly more important than friend :))