this May 9, i finally become twenty-year-old gurl. no longer a teenager now. gee
so many things happened in this nineteen years, go through up and down, fall in love and broken heart happened as well. this year i got special present from my dear friend name Cheryll. she is more like small sister rather than friend to me because we have become friend for ten years and she is now only fifteen while me twenty. so yeah. anyway, she gave me tripod WOOHOO!! i got nothing from my boyfriend because he has financial problem right now which is fine for me tho at least he gave an effort drove long way from his mum's house to meet me. these several weeks have been a worst weeks for both of us, trust issues and overthinking happened and the most sucks from this year birthday is that i cried at my birthday date. no.. it is not tears of joy but in other way round it is tears of hurt. him and i cried a lot ( i kinda shocked when i saw him cried, to be honest ) but the most important thing is that hopefully we can conquer every problems and i do hope he can change become a better man #hope. okay, say bye to sad memories now back to happy moment in my birthday. yesterday i had a girls night out with my besties, we went to one cafe in town where we also can play many boardgames while enjoying our meals. although when we arrived there the clock already 9 PM but still, so packed and finally i arrived home almost midnight tho. so here are some photos from past several weeks until yesterday that i never post on my blog.

yesterday was fun.

location : Cemara Asri Swimming Pool, KOHI, Sensuri Coffee
gear : iPhone 5SE

my major wish for this birthday are hopefully my dream comes true, i can make my mum and dad happy, my boyfriend can be a better man and change his bad behavior. i can't thank enough that i am so blessed for this twenty years and obviously i also can't thank enough for you guys who read my blog posts and give a such a sweet comments!
as always, this June my cousin Juan will be in Medan for holiday. which means i will have many photos and i will post a lot in my blog, so stay tuned mates.



  1. OMG you still 20? I'm very old than you hahaha LOL.
    but welcome in 20 years old I hope u be smart, blessed and beautiful girl especially your heart :). I don't know u but I wan to say "Happy b'day gril :))

  2. Happy belated birthday, Vanessa! I feel like we had a lot similarities, I had my 20th birthday last January and I felt sad about not having "teen" in my age anymore. And in my 20th birthday I also cried out of heart break because of my boyfriend, I didn't get any special surprise or special date from him because of his financial problem too. I hope your boyfriend will get through his problems and bad behavior, and long last. Anyway, I am also from Medan, senang deh bisa ketemu blogger sesama domisili Medan. Nice to know you, Vanessa!

    xx, Cinthy Kwok

  3. Happy Birthday Beautiful! I am so sorry to hear that you shed tears on your birthday. You are a strong person and deserve wonderful things! Send you lost of positive vibes for a solid year as a 20year old


  4. Happy belated birthday ! This year is my last teenage year, and I'm also quite afraid and worried, but excited at the same time. Wish your twenties will be amazing! x

    Dabin /