hey mates! as what i said in my previous post that my cousin, Juan, will come to Medan and i can guarantee you that there will be lots of photos on my gallery later on. i am sooo excited everytime he comes to Medan tho. anyway, our first venue is Sam's Patisserie. This is our favourite place to have our tea time, sit down, and talk for hours. like literally, hours. perhaps it is because of the atmosphere, it is so cozy! seems like it is better to just directly post my photos so you really know how it looks like.

so, yeah this is Juan
okay. seems like justnow when i imported photos to my laptop i have blocked all photos but now i couldn't find it. gee. actually i have more "boom" photos than these, but nevermind. talking about photoshoot, our next destination (maybe) is Tjong A Fie, again. later on will be our second time visit that place because we just love love love that heritage building so much and i do admire it too! so yeah i will definitely visit there again.
jacket : Calamaryshop (onlineshop)
tanktop : unbranded
skirt : unbranded
shoes :  Converse
this is all about my post for today. see you, mates for my upcoming post. 


  1. Love your outfit, very summer chic!

    Grey Canvas

  2. Loving how you styled that dress with a denim jacket.

    Rina Samantha