oh, hi mates! seems like I talk a lot about what's happening to me lately but not my social life. okay now this is the eerie part, especially for an introvert gal like me. 

See, I think it's kinda funny that I'm hella introvert but I really do wanna make friends. I'm trying to talk. In the meantime, I also can't help faking myself just to make friends. If I know we have no potential to be, perhaps because our mind is just not aligned or that particular person just shut him/herself down. Then I would rather not trying so hard to be exactly that person is, just to be his/her friend.

Yes you gotcha, it's true that I don't have lots of friends. But one thing for sure, once we become friends I'll be that loyal friend and 24/7 be there whenever I'm needed. like do you know what I mean.. and no wonder if my friendship mostly are 10+ years. hahha

Now when I'm in another city. Another challenge, because of different cultures and also the way people talk in here is capsize from what I carried for 23 years. Which makes me to even try harder for the shake of having friend. It's sad when some people just judging all the way, starting from the accent and the way you talk. Sorry to say but it disgusts me.

I know that I've to be more ventured, or else I won't have friends. If I have no friends here, oh geez, it would be though. After months I haven't found one, now I'm gratefully have severals!

Most are those when I joined a course in South Jakarta. On the first day, I already know that I will get at least one friend in here. And voila, 5 friends! They are such nice and funny guys and girls. Very supportive, humorous, not-judging and so forth. Another friend of mine whom I knew from Linkedin. It barely took 3 months from the first time we introduced ourselves to actually be friends, because of the on-off-convo. But so far, it turns out very well. and oh, we did culinary hopping around Block M and it was crazily fun! 

Besides I do have several friends in this city, I'm also bloody happy that some old friends of mine move here as well. At least, we can catch up when we're about to spill the tea or there's a burden which is better to talk in face-to-face until our eyes get puffy. (Yes, it's a pun)

so, are you also an introvert that finds hard time looking for a friend?



  1. Great post. Thank you for sharing.:)
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  2. We are all stuck at our houses and I understand you. Merry Christmas!

  3. Great post. Thank you for sharing. :)
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