Hey mates! it's been awhile uh? hahah
pardon me.

Not because I don't wanna write, but I couldn't find any topic to talk about because I don't want to talk about Covid19, of course. Isn't because I don't care or something. I know all of you know about it and know what you should do so why on earth I still talking about it because I know the more you read, the more you'll feel anxiety. So without further ado, let's start!

first thing first, it's totally insane realizing that now I'm freaking 23!
Instead of thinking about I'm getting older and stuffs, I would like to count my blessing. Different from years before, this year people celebrate my birthday and if I can say this year is the first year I got surprised on my birthday and somehow I love it. Early in the morning my cousins surprised me with breads and sang out loud when I was about to enter pantry and looking for my Oreos because I'm starving to death hahah. Next, someone that I just knew virtually sent me a super delicious dark chocolate cake. Last but not least, warm wishes from my bosses and friends❤️

Years before I never enjoy my birthday, in fact I don't like it tho because I never feel like what majority people do where that day be their highlight of the year and whatsoever. Therefore, I recorded what I feel in my previous birthday why I don't enjoy it in my personal podcast that you can hear it in Apple Podcast name Isi Benakku
In last phrase I said, somehow I know there is a time where my birthday wasn't that bad anymore. And turns out this year is totally different although I'm still far apart from mum and dad):

Although it's too early to sum up this year in my life, but I would like to count on my blessing so I can keep in mind that I'm beyond blessed.
1. Finally I move out from my hometown
2. Finally one of my dream jobs is accomplished
3. After years proving to mum what I'm capable of, on this year she finally said that she proud of me
4. I don't dropping tears on my birthday anymore

My list ain't stop until number four, there is long way to go! 
This year I'm planning to go for a trip around Indonesia, hopefully I can make it *fingers crossed*

Before I end this post, I would like to attach photos as my appreciation to people who make my day brighter on my birthday

Thank You God.


  1. Awww happy birthday! Hope you had a wonderful time!

  2. Great post. Thank you for sharing! :)
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