oh hey mates ! i know it's been a long time i don't post something on my blog,because lately i was so busy with assignments and tests. in the bright side,i have a seven-day-vacation to Batam,Singapore and Johor Bahru but in this post i'll talk about my trip to Singapore and Johor because im still enjoying my trip to Batam right now haha! alright i will write places i went okay! i'll list it one by one.

1. Gardens by the Bay

we are so lucky when we were at Singapore,there was a Tulip Festival in Gardens by the Bay and thanks God my cousin,shirley,bought the ticket in S$18 instead of S$30 from internet. YEAY! and believe it or not those are real tulips! besides here,we also went to one place in Gardens by the Bay but its like rainforest.

2. Marina Bay Sands

well,if you are here,this place is the place that you-must-go. i meant it tho. i ever stayed in the hotel,and i was speechless to be honest,not to mention when you swimming at the rooftop! i saw whole Singapore while swimming,i just can't.... besides the garden and hotel,you also can visit the Mall. two words for Marina : hands down!

3. Orchard Road

this also place that you-must-go,well if you are a shopaholic then this is the right place for you! three malls combine into one,yeah what can you ask for more? 

actually i went to so many places but um.. i can't write them all,because i didn't take pictures all the time,so sorry readers. 
okay. Johor Bahru. i stayed there only for one day, i went to Premium Outlet which i mention in my previous travel blog about Johor and um.. mall. oh yes i remember,i saw snake in mall! i can't get rid of what i saw,seriously. at first my cousin and i went to one shop to see phone case,but suddenly i saw one girl with two snakes on her hands stand beside me, wait-no-more, i directly run. i phobia with snake,any kind of snakes!
this vacation has both good and bad memories in the same time, well in good memories are travelling around and tasted lots of foods,the bad or should i say worst memory was when i saw snakes!ew

okay readers! stay tuned for my next post in days,i guess but i promise you i will directly post something right after i'm home,okay?

*mates,if you want to see more about this vacation,you can click on my food blog . but it is in Indonesian language.



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  3. Awesome trip!!
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  4. OMG so pretty. I would love to just roll around those tulips!

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