ohhey mates! actually i have nothing to say though so this post is all about my outfit, alright?

for me denim is the best choice in creating your own style besides black and white. i meant like, you never go wrong with denim or black and white. seriously. well actually this is not my shirt as you can see how big that shirt is, it belongs to my dad,and i took it without his permission ( sorry pap! ) but what can i say.... i do love this shirt too much so when i went home i asked whether he can give it to me, and the answer is YES! #HORAY
you see that tall stunning girl right beside me ? yeah she is my cousin from Singapore,let me tell you what.. she is really really smart ! actually we are not planning to use denim x bnw kicks but when we met i was like " whoah ! WE ARE TWIN " ( figure out why i strikethrough it hehe )

bytheway i'm thinking about changing my hair color become grey #randomthought

shirt : Lacoste
shoes : New Balance
Bag : Mango

Location : The Thirty-Six


  1. Wearing denim is always a good idea!

  2. You and your cousin look cute together. My go to basic piece would always be denim too. Good thing your dad gave you that! :)

    SHAIRA // New Post- Moto Jacket