finally we meet up! after several months four of us are stuck with our college life,one of my pals from Malaysia went back to Medan so we need to meet up.well although my saving almost minus but nahh whatever. by the way,if you want to know more about our friendship relationship,click on OFFICIALLY 18th .This post suppose to pending until next week because my friend hasn't send me some pictures but i can't help myself for not post something for this week,so i just post it today.
 (bad quality photo,sorry)


lately,i've passion in making an experiment on my feminine side hahha .Thus,im using skirt in post and my outfit is totally white(except my clutch ). In my style,i only have three options such as :
  • black
  • white
  • solid color
i do not use something such as denim or something which has so much pattern in it because i think solid color will make you look clean.
and by the way,i want to thanks my friend for introducing me to eyebrow pencil.Last week i bought Revlon's eyebrow pencil and be hold! it's super easy to use and make my face looks clean.

oversize shirt : H&M
skirt : H&M
trainers : Converse
Clutch : unbranded

well,if you want to know where is the place from my pictures, click on MY FOOD BLOG .
stay tuned for my upcoming post because i'll talk about my online shop ( plusixty2 ) .

see ya,


  1. aww i love your outfit it's so cute! nice photos :) x x

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  3. You look so cute ♥

  4. You look so girly!

  5. I love your outfit! It's cool, because it's girly but not in your face girly? You look rad.

  6. Nice look :)

  7. You're so cute!! Cute outfit and it definitely touches up on your feminine side!! x