hey mates! can't wait to tell more and more about my experience in Japan. I went to Japan with my cousin, Cindy, I think we a bit crazy because we went there for the first time and only both of us... girls. in this post, I will start writing about my second day in Japan which is in Yamanashi Perfecture and Shizouka. before I write more about the places, I will introduce you to Suica Card and Japan Rail Pass (JR Pass). the reason I want to introduce those is because I found out that it is important for you to know, although some will say that JR Pass isn't quiet helping to make transportation fee cheaper because JR doesn't have so many train for subway or railway. but my case which moving one place to another, I found out this helps a lot. So here is my journey for two-weeks: Tokyo - Yamanashi and Shizouka Perfecture - Kyoto - Osaka - Kobe - Osaka - Tokyo. so yeah, that's why told you JR Pass saved my arse hahah! so nah I will pay so much on transportation tho because the fee around 10,000 yen/trip. Suica card helps a lot too, it is more in term of saving time tho because you just have to tap it instead of wasting time to buy the subway/railway ticket. in plus, in some vending machine, you also can pay using Suica card. 

Shizouka Perfecture

I aint stroll around here tho, but if you love shopping you should come to Shizuoka because you can find a Factory Outlet with many brands! I bought Coach wallet in very cheap price tho almost 70% discount! pardon me I forgot to take photo of it but you can google it. find: Gotemba Factory Outlet

Yamanashi Prefecture

This Tatami Airbnb is just too cute! but a bit expensive, because so hard to find Airbnb in Yamanashi Perfecture. The host was sooooo decent, she prepared us a breakfast! salad, soup, salmon, rice and potato. I've written name of her Airbnb, you can find it on Airbnb if you like.

so at night before head to our Airbnb around 9 PM something I guess, it is so quiet even on the street and it's freaking cold. about 1-3 Celsius so we randomly hop into a traditional sushi store. I always love to go into their local store to try their food so, checked!
I found this tiny place is so cute, both the owner of this sushi store are oldster. Male as chef meanwhile Female as waiter. ugh jeez, their sushi and green tea are 10/10! can't told you it's name because I can't read Japanese): besides eating, we also talked with four people who are also a customer in that store. one is British meanwhile another three people are Japanese but they can speak English fluently.

MOS Burger

and this, the main reason why we went to Yamanashi Perfecture.

the great Mount Fuji. From our Airbnb to Lake Kawaguchi to meet this Mountain approximately one hour which already include time in train, bus and walk. if I would say, I prefer you guys to choose red line while taking bus in Lake Kawaguchi, because the view you will get is way better! too bad we have limited time thus we choose green line. but so far I am satisfied with this picture and what I saw. Thanks God it aint cloudy so it looks perfectly perfect! 
I don't even have so edit this picture, it is totally raw picture from my camera.

gears: FujiFilm XT-100 and iPhone 5SE

so it's a wrap on Yamanashi post, since I went there only in a short time so I couldn't write so much about it. but if you have any question about Yamanashi and Shizouka, I would like to help answering your question. see you on my upcoming post about Kyoto, a city with tons of drama!



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