hey mates! in this post I will especially talk about Kyoto. if I can be honest, Kyoto isn't my favorite tho because I faced lots of drama here. But if you love traditional vibes and shrines, this is perfect place for you. so I'll start telling you why I called Kyoto is a city with tons of drama.

Days before I went to Japan, my cousin and i found out our Airbnb host is quite annoying. For instance, we asked whether we have to check-in in exact same time that he has mentioned? in this case we have paid our Airbnb and he answered "yes, if you can't, find another place." I was like, jeez for real?! I've paid tho and please be nice. 

When we arrived Kyoto from Shizouka, long story short we know that we will late approx 10-15minutes because we have to find his house and it's not easy. Thus, we chat him and asked him to wait for us for a while and he simply say no. Even we have begged! Thanks for him, my cousin and I have no place to rest and we hopped into 24 hours dine-in store to eat, warm up and find place to rest. In short, we found one capsule hotel that still have available bed although it's super expensive but we have to pay because the next day we have to go out and having kimono experience for a whole day which will be super tiring. guess what! we couldn't found the capsule hotel up until almost 00:00, all freakout, tired and cold mixed up. not to mention we have to lift our 15+ kgs luggage by ourself because the subway station that we used only has stairs and when we asked people surround, they won't help but instead they just walk passed by. I was like, ENOUGH! I don't understand why people say Japan is so fun and etc and I don't feel the fun!

so here is the look of the capsule hotel

The next day when we wore kimono, my cousin get lost because she took wrong bus which has exact same number. Since our place for kimono renting is different so we walked separately and guess what, I waited for her, meanwhile I'm wearing kimono, freezing cold for approx 2 hours. another case that make me done with Kyoto. but still, thanks God when we went to Gion I am satisfied with photos that I captured, I ate yummy foods and the famous Matcha ice-cream!

we are so lucking to meet these beautiful Geishas in Gion
location: Maccha House, we queue for almost 2 hours for this!
so this is the first Tatami Starbucks in this planet! finally checked! I tried their limited edition flavor but I forget the name hahah! it's sakura something...

Sakura Ice-cream
loc: Gion close to Tatami Starbucks

on our third day in Kyoto, we planned to go to Osaka at night. but instead, we leave Kyoto in the middle of the day after went to Fushimi-Inari because we just not into this place tho. Even on our way to this place, we ran because the train almost leaving. can't describe how tired we were. when we went to Fushimi-Inari, It was so crowded! but we had so much fun here because the shrine is so beautiful. 
so its a wrap for my Kyoto post. although I have bad experienced in here doesn't mean you guys too okay. some people say Kyoto is actually quite fun but some say no as well. but its fine to explore and know more! don't stop traveling and explore things in this world. Life is so beautiful and so does this earth, go get out from you bed, pack your bag and travel.

Kyoto maybe not so good to me, but the rest area is beyond awesome! besides Yamanashi Perfecture post on my previous blog post, the next two places I visit also bring nothing but joy! 



  1. I always wanted to visit Kyoto, amazing pictures and beautiful place!


  2. Great post.Thank you for sharing! :)
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  3. So sad that the airbnb host wasn't at all nice to you. I like your photos!

  4. Aww too bad you didn't have a pleasant experience in Kyoto... and that airbnb host was a total jerk. :O