hey mates! gee am I the only one who think time flies so fast? but somehow I do enjoy it tho because I low-key cannot wait to know where I live and what I do after graduate from university. remember my-new year-resolutions-post last year? guess what, I will post it again this year in this post.
first thing first, feeling beyond blessed seeing that another wishlist checked, again! since I was in junior high I always wanted to have DSLR camera as the time goes by when I was in senior high Fujifilm started to launch Mirrorless camera and I almost bought it. but too bad mum aint allow me because she said its too expensive and it burdened her. so yap. pending. I realized one thing, when you want something you will work hard for it no matter how hard and how long the process is so in this case three years later I'm interested with go-pro kind of camera and bought it but doesn't mean I don't want mirrorless anymore, but still its way to expensive for me so.. last year up until this day, besides being full-time student I also a tutor and it helps me to save up. surprisingly last month I tried to calculate my total income from teaching and its beyond my expectation, hence I know its my time to buy it. who knows when I bought it during Black Friday, I can get Fujifilm XT-100 with cheaper price and I got Tripod, Memory Card 16Gb and Instax Mini 8 FOR FREE! the power of being patient is real

I can feel it, 2019 is gonna be the start of my life..... like my life tho. time to fly high can chase dream

before going to my resolutions for 2019, let me recap a bit of my 2018 resolutions and I found out that almost 75% I made it. not bad uh. so here are my 2019 resolutions:
  • Graduate 
  • Chase Dream
  • Move out from town
  • Hiking in Mount Prau (for you who prefer mount rather than beach, should try to check this Mount out because the view is breathtaking!)
  • Healthier than before
  • Traveling and learn something new (experience et cetera)
  • Be a better person 
so those are my 2019 resolutions and I'm about to make it happens.
im so done with people around making decision about my life, I was too much thinking about what other people want and said "yes" about what they want me to do until I forget what I want to do about my life. and yes, now I know what I want its okay what people said because I really don't need their approval anyway because I'm freaking 21-year-old and its my time to make my decisions! I really massive thank you to God because He shapes me and make me realized that all these years my life is being controlled until I have no space to make my own decisions in life. past these four years was hard but it changes a better version of me now because of everyday I pray and ask for strength to pass my day here. 
this 2018 definitely has both good and bad times but thanks God I conquered those.
2019... bring it on!



  1. Nice post dear!! and... it's true... time flies...
    Have a great day!

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  2. Thanks a lot :D

    I'm totally agree with you, my dear!

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  3. yeah agree, time flies so fast :') good luck for achieving your resolutions! XD