hey mates! so I always wanted to have sudden trip, do not care where I go and guess what last Monday I just had my sudden trip to Penang, Malaysia. although the mission is to take care of my nana while she is in hospital for medical checkup but naahhh its alright. 
so I packed my stuffs into my backpack several hours before head to airport thankGod I didn't miss anything. this is basically four-day-three-night-trip. on the first day we aint go anywhere since while we arrived, it already 8 PM so after dinner just head to hotel and take a rest. on day two I woke up around 4 AM and prepare myself to go to hospital with nana and guess what there is sooo hectic and crowded in hospital although it still early morning so I need to queue for a long time. in other word, day two is basically about hospital and doctor. meanwhile on day three, I enjoy myself in solo traveling for hours but still need to look after my nana on the spot she waited for me. I did shopping and ate Subway! after back to hotel, I take a rest for a while and reply those chats came in ( I totally rely on wifi tho ) and I did a solo traveling around hotel again! I enjoy walking around and I bought cactus. I know it totally nuts eh for buying plant that I need to carry along inside my backpack. gotta admit it, I think twice about it tho because I scared it will dead then I will be very sad ( okay this is just too much ) and I was totally jittery while walk into the checking part in airport because I was afraid it will be quarantine...
and the last day, we caught a super early flight back home which is totally sad for me because I still need a vacation and not ready to head home):
so I got photos in where I bought my cactus in

im ded 

you guys have to taste this green tea ice-cream in Gurney Plaza because it tastes divine!

I didn't take lots of picture in this trip because I didn't go anywhere besides hospital and mall but you guys if going to Penang I highly recommended Lebuh Chulia because that place is major! ( if you guys love heritage buildings )
so here is my blog post, super short uh but yeah I'm planning to have another trip but haven't get a approval from the "boss", if you know who I'm talking about.
see you guys on my upcoming post! peace out



  1. Glad to hear your nana is alright.

  2. Glad you got to take a trip like how you wanted. Take good care of your nana :)

  3. Glad you got to take a trip and your nana is is okay. That ice cream looks yummy!

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