hey mates, I have absent for several weeks I'm sorry. it's because I need to focus on my finals. hey guess what, besides blog now I'm will start focusing on Youtube channel. I always love doing photography and videography so yeah I think this is the time where I can learn more about videography and obviously editing video which is tiring but lotssss of fun!
actually tho I always want to start my own Youtube channel but thinking that my previous ( or should I say my "late" laptop ) is quiet lame so I couldn't download any video editing application on my laptop, if using my iPhone.... okay first my phone memory is 16GB so you must know what I mean. ANYWAY! one of my wish lists checked!!! since I was little okay its too dramatic, junior high specifically. I always love and want to have MacBook and this December I got it!!! geeee I don't know how to express what I feel besides blessed! so now I am using Mac ( anyway I'm using MacBook Air now because it is not-that-expensive if compare to MacBook Pro ), so I can learn editing and stuff which is sooo fun. totally enjoy it pals

I think this 2017 isn't that bad tho, yeah although the first 8 months was terrible but I do realize that God not always put His creature only in bad situation, it is just a phase. a phase that everyone need to go through because there is no such thing called perfect life where everyday is just a great day and stuffs well if it really happen then I think it might be quiet bored because no life challenge. don't know man, that was only my thought. in fact, past this several months up until now I met such a great person and of course, wishlist checked. okay seems like this is the first time I set up my goal for next year so yeah I will set my 2018 goals. yeay!

  • love myself more
  • travel to new place 
  • always be kind to others
  • higher GPA
  • take care of my face and body
  • less stress
  • workout more ( healthier life )
and lastly, I think that I do change my life and my environment become better than before. in fact, now I'm less stress which is good and I re-decor my bedroom become more aesthetic and simple YEAY, AGAIN!  and I will post the transformation of my bedroom in both my blog and youtube later on,so wait for it okay? I think it will be good because I will make it cleaner and put some cute cacti, anyway I learn how to plant cactus hahah! to make sure my cacti stay healthy and live longer, obviously. so happy that this time I contribute a lot in decorating my bedroom, start from design, buy material, plants, placing, and learn how to do DIY stuff are just too fun. although I can't focus on that 24/7 because I need to study and stuffs but yeah at least I have goal and thing that I need to make it done. talking about DIY, lately I do some DIY stuff and I totally enjoy it although some were fail. since I watched a lot videos lately for room and DIY inspirations, currently I also start doing a journal for 2018. okay... this is so not me because usually I prefer just lay down in bed but now, whenever I'm in my bedroom I always sit down doing something. gee! I think now I'm become the better version of me. so here are some DIY stuffs that I made:
cement pot for cactus ( but I haven't buy cactus so.. ) and cement pad for glass or others

so here are some DIY stuff that I made and Im planning to do some more, just because the material is hard to find so I lil bit postpone it. see you on my upcoming post mates! anyway, I will go to Bandung next week any I'm so freaking excited!! feel like asdfghjkl



  1. Totally agree with you ;)


  2. Hi Vanessa! Your 2018 goals are great!! We wish you to reach them all!
    Agnese & Elisa

  3. I also wish for healthier life for this year, hope we can accomplish it all ya! post your cacti, i want to see it XD have a nice trip btw.