oh hey mates! finally my exam for my term four in collage has ended. YAY! this post is basically the reason why i started writing blog in the first place tho. you know that everything happens for reason right? so does " GOOD VIBES ". back in August 2015, my previous instagram account got hacked. i was so pissed as you know im more active in social medias rather than in real life. i thought, i like to photo hunting but i don't want to start over my instagram after i loss all my followers so what for then? ( by the way, finally i remake my instagram account. why dont you check it out and we can be friend there! ) then i start writing in my blog. to be honest, writing isn't my thing tho but im kinda shock how i become love writing when i started. perhaps this is what people say " you never know before you start ". good things i get after i start writing blog are:
1. feels like my essay become better because i used to write in blog 
2. i become well-known in other country, which is very good for me. well, have an opportunity to collaborate with Luxola Singapore, Zalora Indonesia and StyleWe from United States are such a honor for me
3. to be honest, i enjoy reading all comments from you guys in my post and reply back all your comments by visiting your blog.

seems like i write a lot uh... let me post a bit photos before i continue, what do you say?

my boyfriend said this is dope! so i post it here since i don't post it in instagram.

those are such a random photos uh, alright back to topic. there are not many blogger in my hometown, different in Jakarta so that not many people would like to spend their time and read blog. in fact, my pals never visit my blog tho. seems like i end my post here. OH YES! i really hope my mum let me go for a three-day-holiday in this December #hopefullysheletmego #gee well, if she let me go i definitely post something interesting in my upcoming post because this road trip will be in mountain! woohooo


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