ohhey mates! first thing first, i want to apologize because i have been absent for a long long time. bytheway, Ardentic came to Medan and for four days. Ardentic is a music,shop,food festival and from what i see, the theme is like Coachella. obviously i am so excited. it was held from 20-23 October 2016 in Medan. alright alright, enough with words. let me show you some photos when i was there.
i got this cute totebag and other goods from Carousell !!
check out my preloved goods in Carousell :

well well what do you think? and bytheway this is my outfit, i give a little touch of Batik pattern and jeans.

Batik top : H&M
jeans pants: unbranded
sling bag : unbranded
cardigan : COTTON ON

 to be honest the place is quite nice though, when i was there they played indie song. which was good. the good thing about this is that it doesn't categorize into ages, you are so welcome in what age you are. in addition, they also have something called pet day where we can take our dog there. 

stay tuned for my next post

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  1. This festival looks so fun and CUTE!!! It looks cooler than Coachella!

    xx freshfizzle