hey mates!this post inspired from my penfriend actually, we have common thing to do in our leisure time which is sport. yap! i do love sport, for me it's like releasing stress. you know.. 

well at first i never do sport,i was like, "im so lazy to sport okay" "whats the point of doing those stuff" but since i realized that i gained weight,like a lot,for me though. i start jogging REGULARLY three times a week every morning and i eat clean. in the end, i lose weight but i wont stop until there because from that time i realize that sport is fun. besides jogging, i do sit up,yoga and swimming ( although im bad at swimming ). i set a schedule for each kind of sport,for instance, every monday, wednesday, friday morning i do jogging for 30 minutes, wednesday and friday evening i do sit up, saturday and sunday evening i do yoga while swimming,i do it only if my cousin comes to Medan. well at least i have friend while swimming. well well, post without photos is like eating burger without cheese, not complete!so i upload some photos alright

i aint sleeping

pictures taken using Yi ActionCam

we are having such a great time,seriously. back to topic. the main key to shape your body are sport regularly and eat clean. Although it seems simple but no, not to mention if you are not used to sport and eat clean then this must be tough. but whatever people say, if you have the willpower then everything will be just a piece of cake. talking about sport, actually the main thing after doing sport is to have a healthy body and you automatically will have great mind too, not all about weight lose or whatever it is. okay now i sound like a motivator, gee haha!



  1. an simply amazing blog <3
    keep it up ;)

    xoxo, Hanna

  2. It sounds easier in words than it does when you actually have to get up and do the sport, or eat clean. Although, I am typing here after just having come back from a jog. Honestly, I think swimming is one of the best things to do. It's so relaxing and works everything - if only I had a pool.

    The Life of Little Me

  3. Wow! Your discipline is really inspiring! I really need to work on getting in better shape.



  4. nice post <3


  5. I have such a lack of motivation and consistency for exercising, lmao..

    Have a nice day!
    Lots of love, Eiren.

  6. Great read and this is so inspiring.Keep up