ohhey again mates! in this post I will post more about my trip in Malaysia. but now im going to post something fun in Johor Bahru,Malaysia.
 from Kuala Lumpur we go to Johor by train in about 5-6 hours,that's no way we can go anywhere again because we are so tired. so we wasted our time to find something good to eat and take a rest for tomorrow. If you go to Johor,don't forget to go to LEGOLAND for sure!
this place is almost like Universal Studios Singapore but... most of it are made of lego.

I know it's unbelieveable . I meant like,how can they make something amazing like this from lego?! so in LEGOLAND me and my pals not only enjoy this amazing view,but we also play challenging game such as,rollercoasters and et cetera. we enjoy LEGOLAND from 10 AM to 4.30 PM after that we just go back to hotel,eat,and relax.

next day,we spend our whole day for shopping. as a girl,especially teenager,we never out from shopping. in Johor there's a place called Johor Premium Outlets.something interesting about this place is,there are so many brands and the place is so well structure plus,there are soo many discount stuff.this is the right place to shop hahah!


  1. I've been wanting to visit legoland :(

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  2. what a beautiful place!

    keep in touch! :)

  3. nice..
    kisses from dubai ♥