hey mates
remember this shirt? i ever posted about this shirt in " SHOPPING FOR LIFE "

you all know that i like monochrome right? hahah! so yesterday my outfit was totally black and white from head to toe. 
what do you think about this outfit? yay or nay? yesterday after out from cafe,me and my cousins went to mall and it was so crowded,my cousin told me that someone is talking about my outfit with her odd face. At first he thinks that i will lose my confident wearing boy's shirt like that but no,because im happy with what im wearing not what people think about me. 

shirt : H&M
shoes : Charles & Keith
clutch : Charles & Keith

              okay. im out now because i will go jogging
stay tuned,


  1. Adorable dress

  2. You look so cool in your shirtdress and the print is just so awesome! You definitely rocked it!

  3. The vintage feels. I love that shirtdress! <3

    Lou |

  4. Cool monochrome outfit!
    Btw,i'm following your blog,mind to follow me back? ;)

  5. You can only be yourself and wear what you are comfortable in, people are always gonna talk that's what they do, but just let them, you're beautiful, you're happy and that's all that matters, Xxx

  6. Shirt dresses are my fave! So comfortable :) Love your minimal shoes! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  7. You have the best attitude - who cares what people say as long as you are having fun!
    Your shirt dress is cute and can be dressed up or down. keep on rocking it!

    little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

  8. I say yay! I love dresses or T-shirts with messages :) I like monochrome as well, so your outfit is really cool!

  9. cool t-shirt :)