hey mates! good to be back and talk about how I cleared my skin, different from last post which doesn't use any product on my skin this post I will include some skincare routine products that I purchased in drugstore hence it is affordable (accept one product). before I talk about those, I'll show you through pictures first alright
I bet some of these product you know it already right, I mean Cetaphil is BOMB! meanwhile I talk about each of the products, I will let you know. my morning/noon and night skincare routine okay.
morning/ noon skincare routine
during morning is my simplest skincare routine. I only wash my face using clean water, you must wondering why. because it is good to have sebum in our face thus our skin doesn't produce more sebum anymore, besides it is best for us to wash our face using cleanser only twice a day. moving on, I'll use toner by Clean&Clear and TheBodyShop Tea Tree pore minimizer. let me tell you what the product that I mentioned before that is not affordable is TheBodyShop Tea Tree Pore Minimizer. it is way too overrated tho. thats all. but sometimes I use OXY to minimize my acne scar (on picture: no.6)
1. sometimes I use Garnier Micellar Water before I wash my face (depend on situation)
2. to wash my face, I'm using Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser and its totally changed my skin became better than before. although it doesn't has any foam but I totally love how gentle and unscented it is. 
3. one or two days in a week I usually exfoliate my face using St.Ives to discard the dead skin
4. as the last step of cleaning my face, I use toner from Clean&Clear
5. using my pricey TheBodyShop Tea Tree Pore Minimizer in the area where I can see big pores
6. again, using OXY to minimize my acne scar
7. the last and most important step of all is SunScreen. I found Skin Aqua suits my sensitive skin so well and it is so affordable. the texture itself is so thin and it has so many variants therefore I pick which is especially for dry to oily skin. and oh, it can moisture your skin as well so I don't use any moisturizer anymore.
night skincare routine
1. the most important step during night skincare routine is clean dirt in face and neck using Garner Micellar Water. let me tell you what, this thing changed my life! I can feel my face become so clean, bright, and healthy compare to when I doesn't use this.
2. second step is washing my face using Cetaphil, as always
3. hydrate and clean it for the last time using Clean&Clear
4. using serum from The Ordinary, this serum contains Niaciamide 10%+Zinc 1%. this serum really do help me to reduce my acne so well and make my uneven skin tone become so much better. before I use this, I ever tried The Ordinary serum which contains Salicylic Acid 2%. it doesn't suits me as well as the one that contains Niaciamide so I don't use it anymore
5. don't forget to moisture your face to prevent your face to produce more and more sebum. I use Wardah nature daily that contains aloe vera in it. 
6a. this is my main holy grail. OXY10 to cure my acne that is more compact and have pus in it. I find out that my face receive benzoyl peroxide better than salicylic for killing the acne so yeah..
6b. okay this is what I'm using to cure my acne but this is especially for different kind of acne. SariAyu helps to cure the acne that is more liquid, I mean I can feel that inside the acne is liquid pus. this thing have contain sulfur which can dry out the pus
so its a wrap for face but don't forget about your neck and hand as well. in fact, both of those are the fastest spot for aging thus I'm using Lanolin Cream far away from Australia. if I can say, the texture is so rich but when I apply it... its fine. meanwhile I'm using Lip Balm from TheBodyShop with blueberry flavor which smells sooooooo good!

so these are the products behind my healthy-but-still-not-perfect skin because I'm still on my way to cure my acne scar which I know it takes long time to heal, but its fine. almost all of those can be found in drugstore so don't worry haha! lately I wanna try Freeman Face Mask, any suggestion? 
hope this and previous post will help you guys in curing your acne(:
don't hesitate to ask more by drop your question in comment column or thru my Instagram, who knows we can become friend☺️



  1. You should try the roses micellar water from The Body Shop. I believe is not as expensive as the tea tree product you showed, and cleans perfectly makeup, refresh the skin and leaves it super soft, Im in love with it!


  2. thanks for sharing this <3 my go to acne treatment whenever my skin flares up is Epiduo by Galderma and I use a very mild non soap cleanser :) it works wonders for me

    1. never heard about that brand before but glad that it works well on you

  3. Great products! I have quite clear skin ♥

  4. I love products with tea tree oil too!
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    1. hey! thank you for the subscribe and yes, I do followed you back

  5. Świetny post :)
    obserwuje i zapraszam do mnie :

  6. I love the St. Ives facial scrubs. They're the best, my favorite!

    1. yesss! and smells so good. best scrub i’ve ever tried😩

  7. Wow! Incredible, I like how you created your own ritual/process and are sharing that. Sometimes it's not a one size fits all.

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