hey mates! good to be back. I think I'm quite productive this month tho #justsaying
alright. in this post I will write a lot, like literally.... A LOT. 
I have suffered acne since I was primary 6 but thanks God now it is way better (it appears only during period which is tolerate-able). first thing first, I will tell you guys that my skin is combination but tend to the oily skin, acne prone skin and sensitive skin as well. wow! how complete yet complicated is that uh. so for you guys who has exactly same type with me, this is a perfect post for you to read but doesn't mean for who has different type of skin couldn't read this. 
which makes me super stress to find what skin product to use because my skin is sensitive, then it will have another new acne if the product is not suitable for me. if I can say, my face aint get any better up until I was junior high school thus I try to go to dermatology doctor. and yes! my face real smooth, all acne gone. but then after a year I start to think, what if the doctor is gone? , what if the doctor stop being a doctor anymore? how about my face then? I'm surely can't rely on this doctor anymore! because now I think about long-term effect. so yes, I stop using it and I know the consequence which is all acne will appear. I'm stressed out! no joke. in addition I stress about my life and school hence, it getting worst! any kind of acne medicine I've tried, give no result but instead it getting worst. I can't barely look at my face in mirror tho plus it hurts because it was so many thus when I talked/ laugh, I cheek will automatically extracted therefore it hurts the acne.
how I deal with it?
I started doing a research whether from reading or watching youtube video but I more focus on treat it with natural resources which is lemon. I tried. and guess what? I was super amazed! in only 1-2 days it vanished! since that day, I acclaimed lemon as my number 1 holy grail! no lie, you should try it. but my research journey didn't stop there, up until I watched a video (I forget whose video is that, pardon me) in that video, discuss about curing acne not only from outside like what people usually do. but actually, the most important is from inside which includes what we eat, life balance, and stress. I tried. again.
I do dairy diet (up until now), sweet diet(its hard, but I'm still trying), stop eating fried egg (although it is super tasty... ugh), more exercise for instance jogging, yoga and lastly I stop stressing a lot. I can't believe the result comes out within days. since that day, I believe the biggest impact for our skin is what from inside whether your body itself or your mind. it synchronizes. 
see. without any product, I can clear my acne too. you should try to have a healthy life too. 
eat clean and more excercise. but um... it doesn't mean I don't have cheat day. I do actually.
but it doesn't matter, as long as you do know your boundaries.

so its a wrap for this post, wait for my upcoming post because I will reveal my holy grail products to cure my acne as well. why do I still need it? considering the environment I live in right now is high in pollution therefore there will be dust in face that will cause acne as well.  


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  1. It's great you got results from something as simple as lemon! And I agree, our skin does look better when we are more mindful of what we eat and how active we are :) Not that mine is perfect, ha!

    Hope that you are having an awesome weekend :)

    Away From The Blue Blog