oh hey mates! see you again in this post. i just had my first road trip and it was amazing!! well, although im still sad that mum and dad ain't allow me go to David Guetta Concert in Philippines #SAD. anyway, last week i have a four-day-trip to the MOUNTAIN! i always love mountain instead of beach, because it is cold and i couldn't describe how beautiful mountain is. by the way, these four days not entirely about chilling in mountain. Day one i went to his mum house far in Tebing Tinggi, i stayed there for one night. In Tebing, there is more calm compare to where i live because most of the land is for farming and to make thing clear his mum business is rice. well, my day in there is quite fun actually but i think i embarrassed myself in most of the time because im not good at cooking so yeah.. you get it ( but i do try hard to cook nowadays, i really do ) and oh one more, everybody knows i am so "lemot" in Indonesia. okay, "lemot" is like umm.. i need time to digest what people say and most of the time it needs +/- 2 minutes, which is long. i know. Day two until day four, we went to Samosir Island by motorcycle. people called us insane because it needed about two or three hours to get there but it kinda fun tho. before arrived in Samosir Island, we need to pass several small town and when we arrived in Perapat, we use small ship to cross. since this is my first time go to Samosir Island, i don't know that the weather is so cold, like seriously! . there are not many vehicle, so most people just walk. after a long walk, finally we went to one restaurant which sells pork. afterwards we had our dinner. okay this is basically the most tighten day i ever had because he introduced me to all of his family members!! starts from granny until all of his untie,uncle and cousins ( both his mum and dad side ). i almost pee on my pants because basically im an introvert gurl with people i just know, so you know... all the awkward things are happens to me! after out from his granny's home and we were about to back to his mum's but before that we took lots of photos together and strolling all around the Island. i can't wait to show you guys how beautiful it is!!

how beautiful it is!

see, it is beautiful isn't it? i am lost of words when i saw this kind of view with my bare eyes!

stay tuned for my upcoming post because im going to post something colorful there


  1. Your photos are gorgeous! Sucks that you couldn't attend the concert but looks like you had a great road trip! Happy New Year!

  2. Great impressions!

    Love, Janine

  3. It really does look beautiful there - brilliant photos, especially of the waterfall!

  4. These views are incredible! Wish I could transport myself there immediately.

    Glad you had such a great time meeting his family! :)


  5. WOW! These pictures are amazing! I would love to go there sometimes. I'm so glad you had fun with your loved ones! :)

    Love, Eiren. xx