hey mates! lately it was such a gloomy day for me, although it supposed to be a beautiful-cloudless-day before Christmas. this Christmas is definitely the best Christmas i ever had, if my parents are open-minded and not over protective, like you know. it is just too much to be honest. so this is the problem that make me feel sad and gloomy kind of thing. last week, exactly on 12 December 2016, i joined a challenge given from one of radio station in my country. the challenge basically is just so simple, all i need to do is make a lyric card from JOOX application then post it on my Instagram. two days after i was being called by this radio station and live streaming with them, which was awesome, and briefly i am one of the winner who will go to Philippine and watch David Guetta!! how amazing is that?! I can't ask for a better Christmas present for sure! then, all kind of drama happens when my mum know this news. well i know in the first place that she wont let me go because i have experienced when i got scholarship in Jakarta, she didn't let me go either. so yeah, whatever.. im done. but things get worst, she don't even let me go plus she mad at me and make it seems like all is my fault because i joined this challenge. i was like, damn! am i wrong joining this challenge? in fact, i don't even think that i am the winner tho. 
now. all im doing is just go to my bedroom, sleeping for hours without eat and communication because i dont even know what topic to talk about anymore since everything im doing is just a mistake from them. basically i don't know exactly im a open-minded, full of dream kid or my parents are just unsupportive, not open-minded or what. my bestie, Verine, said one day i will get my freedom. yea. hopefully. what for it. ugh.
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well, i am apologize if i talk a lot today. it just you know since i don't talk much in reality, writing everything from my mind to my blog is a thing for me. and oh! i do appreciate for those you read my blog. ( love you guys!xo )
i think this is the most uncherish blog post i ever write. gee 
i do hope *finger crossed* my mum and dad will change their mind and let me go since the due date is 4 January 2017. 


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  1. Hi, Nessa.

    Yes our parents can be a lil too much overprotective with us. That is because they care and love us. yes its not your fault to won that prize :) ! No matter what you've been through, i really hope you can persuade your parents and make them trust you - you can do it !

    good luck !

    veronyca sufry