Hey mates! It's good to be back. These several months were so chaos and busy at the same time, but I 'm grateful because although the pandemic is really pain in the arse which generates to economic drastically slower down but I still have a job. 

Do you ever hear that working in the big city, especially when you wander off, it's way harder and tougher than you ever imagine? YesI'm facing those right now. Aside of stress from the job, I'm also home sick. These quiets drive me crazy, to be honest, but thanks to my mum who always encourages me whenever I'm down and stress out. It's feeling like magical to see the difference of my mum from she's not allowing me to pursue my dream as writer, to now she encourages me everytime we're talking on the phone. 

I've ever read that in the age 23-25 is the toughest because it's a transition from teenage to adult, where you've to start making your own decisions and be able to take the responsibility in whatever it caused you. Whenever you'r down, you aren't be able to drown in such a long time anymore like you used to. Now you're grown up, and you have to take care of your own. Sounds really terrified? Yes it is, but I bet you can go through this!

Things happen to me as well, especially I'm kind of person that really hard on myself (I know it's not good.) See, if you read these post [ THIS IS WHERE ALL START BEGINS ] and [WHEN I SAID IT, I MEANT IT]you can see how desperate and insecure I was. It's tough tho, since my job is really stressful but at some point I think that I have no time to be a brat. So, I face it, when I'm down, I cry for a while to let those things out and bring back the game.

I think lately my posts are a bit dark and weighted, thus please let me brighten up the post with sum photos in my phone. hahha

It comes to the end,
and I would like to say is, although grown up sometimes far from your expectation where things got harder and harder. Promise me to take responsibility in whatever decision you take, if you'r drown don't let it get you too long. Head up and conquer the world!



  1. You are so beautiful Nessa, stay sasfe!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  2. I hope you will feel better soon, your feelings are completely normal and valid. I think you're doing a great job figuring out some heavy stuff