hey mates! good to be back so in this post I will reveal how I edit my photo since currently I change the way I edit. my photo used to be bright and less color but currently I can see that it is more color, in fact more brown-ish I think. why I type 2.0 ? it is because I believe I've ever reveal how I edit my photo too ( but it was quite a long time ). 
okay. tools that I love are VSCO and Instagram ( sometimes ). VSCO is basically love of my photo editing life tho, Lightroom also one of the tools that I would like to try on but since my phone couldn't have more place so yeah.. Instagram editing tool basically not that bad tho, but I usually use it for the extra brightness, contrast, adjust and saturation because I find out that its more smooth in Instagram tool rather than VSCO's. before I write more about it, I'll let you guys see the photos ( old and new style ) so you know how it looks like before read furthermore.


you all see the different now? second filter more drama uh
so here is the photo editing 101 haha, in VSCO I'm using M5 which give more in brown color then in contrast section I give it -1 saturation also -1 . exposure is depend on the photo itself, if I think the photo is lack oh light so it looks dark then I make it plus usually it around +5 or +10 because I don't like to make it extra. same thing happen to minus in exposure. so when do I use Instagram tool? I use it when I think the exposure in VSCO isn't enough and it needs more. like you know, for instance the range is 1.0 and 1.5 I need 1.3 so I use Instagram tool because it VSCO unable to make it into 1.3. unable in here doesn't mean that in physical written the 1.3 thing but um.. how to say.. just from within me myself, it aint feels right. perhaps you need to prove it by yourself and see the difference because for me the exposure thing in VSCO is more extra than in Instagram tool. 
I know looks like I demand more just in editing photo, to be honest I really does because in editing I learn to be creative and make my own style.
so its a wrap for this post, I've been thinking about doing style post but I think about it again later on haha! thanks a lot for reading and hopefully it helps you guys to be creative as well in editing your photo.



  1. I love the way you edit your photos. They look so cool.

  2. I think your photos look amazing. Keep up the good work dear.

  3. I love editting your photo, but I more like VSCO :)

    great post and help me to check my VSCO :d

  4. I always love to see how people edit their photos! Your's are gorgeous!


  5. I love the edited photos here. I use VSCO for some of my instagram photos too. Love it!

  6. I really like the vintage aesthetic of your photos!! Thanks for sharing babe.


  7. We love VSCO, we use it too! ;)
    Agnese & Elisa