okay mates, nail polish is one of the ideas to make your look become more superb. even though its transparent also count tho because it makes your nails become shiny. dont you realize that nail polish somehow kinda smelly and in fact, many companies nowadays produce non-toxic and eco-friendly nail polish and these are ten guides that you might need to buy the best nail polish product
  1. Zoya Nail Polish
this nail polish is just perfect because it has 300 colors start from the nude until party color, it is breathable and safe. but it takes longer time to dry off and hard to remove the nail polish.

  1. Anjou Nail Polish Set 
in this polish set has 12 colors that you can choose to bring up your look for party, since this set doesnt has nude color. it is completely odorless and ease to remove the nail polish!

  1. Adrianne K Sheer Nail Polish
it is a non-toxic nail polish which has 27 colors start from nude until party colors. it is smooth and glossy which level up your nails look and it is made chip resistant! meanwhile, its hard to remove the nail polish.

  1. Farmer’s Market Berries
this is obviously the perfect nail polish for your guys who has hypoallergenic because it aint use any cheminal in it and it is odorless. the great thing about this nail polish is that IT IS GLOSSY AND GLOW IN THE DARK! but it can lose its shine although in short time.

  1. Prim and Pure Nail Polish
although it only has three colors, but the good things about these are: it is easy to peel off, it contains zero chemical, its vegan and doesnt test in animal, it dries quickly and you can enjoy long period of glossy and shiny nails.

     6.  Ella + Mila Nail Polish, Love CollectionAll colors in this nail polish have been certified by PETA which means it is totally safe to use since it is eco-friendly and chemical free too. it has a glossy texture in your nails.
     7. Peelable Nail Polish Makeup Kit
it has several colors that you can choose and its totally easy to remove, all you have to do is soaking it under warm water for about one to two minutes which means that it doesn't need any nail polish removal! it also won't turn out your nail become yellow so yeah...
     8. Nail Polish - NonToxic Water Based Non-Peelable
this nail polish is totally safe for all people even for pregnant woman and kids, turns out it won't make your nail become yellowish as well. by time you are not satisfied with the product or it got some damage on the product, you can return back the product to the company. meanwhile, It might takes time to dry out the nail polish tho
     9. Piggy Paint 100% Non-Toxic Girls Nail Polish
this nail polish comes along with the instruction package about how to use, it dry out real fast, it won't makes your nail become yellow and it protect your skins as well. I won't ask for more....... because it's just perfect
     10. SOPHi Nail Polish, World Traveler
for you guys who has thin nails that easy to break then this is perfect nail polish for you because it can help to strengthen your nail. won't make your nail become yellow as well. this is basically new product that USA company made because it is water-based nail polish. the thing is just it doesn't  provide many colors to choose.

its a wrap for the best and safe nail polish recommendation that I can give, now its about guidance to buy nail polish.
  • make sure you check the label to know its ingredients
  • choose odorless nail polish because it could effect environment and you yourself
  • choose the peel off nail polish, it is to dodge the use of acetone for removal because it could effect your skin
  • make sure the nail polish is not lumpy because trust me, it will ruin your nails entire look!
so it is all about nail polishes that you need to try because it is safe and orly breathable treatment ( for more info and where to buy, you can click on the underline words then you will head to the website )
thank you so much for you guys who read this post hopefully it would help you to take care of your nails as the same time you also can make your nails become lit!



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