hey mates! last 19 March 2018 until 21 March 2018 I went to Singapore for study tour with my classmates and another two classes in my university. for this trip I only use backpack instead of suitcase and guess what my three-day-outfit and others fit perfectly in my backpack! so this aint entirely about study tour, it held only from morning to 5 PM and the rest until 10.30 PM we have our free time.
in total we have about 130 people went there and majority are UPH Medan citizen in Jetstar haha. okay.
day one, after arrived in Singapore about 11:00 AM we had lunch in Kublai Khan Mongolian BBQ then went to National Gallery Singapore. gee! this is my first time to museum and I'm in love although I didn't get the art pieces but I enjoy just looking at those and the serenity is real. we were supposed went to Merlion Park for group photo after from museum but it was cloudy then it was done. back to hotel, my pals and I chill for a while and I use this time to reply chats then we went to Orchard Road by bus. we had sushi and KOI for dinner, we explore Orchard Road by walking and enjoy the crowd. we had our night walk with full of laugh, music, talk, and my friend tried to be sassy (and flirt) while head back to hotel. day two, after breakfast we went to Temasek Polytechnic, Advisors Alliance, Harmony in Diversity Gallery, Singapore City Gallery and China Town. I enjoy those different excitement I received in every spot. before my pals and I head back to hotel by MRT, we had subway and chats while waiting for the heavy rain to stop. crap, I miss this moment. before we went to another place, we back to hotel for chill and took a shower (and obviously I reply chats because I totally rely on wifi). about almost 7 PM we went to Little India and Bugis by walking. I don't know why but I always love everytime I go to Little India perhaps I love colorful buildings and stuff. Next stop is Bugis, this place is quite crowded and many teens because it sells many foods, clothes, tourist stuff and malls. while in Bugis we met two of our classmates so six of us went to small store for dinner and chats before back to hotel. on our last day, we went to Merlion Park for group photo and Grab Company before head to airport and back to Medan. #sad
so these were my quality days and honestly I miss it like seriously though. I miss night walk, laugh, talk and sightseeing. so these are photos while in Singapore(:


these environment photos taken and edit by me.

quick shot after breakfast.

so its a wrap for March post. see you guys on April, it is definitely my busy month because I need to face substitute classes, assignments and final. but I try my best to find material to post, I do appreciate for you guys who read, support and comment my blog! #muchlove



  1. Singapore is such a beautiful city! Love your shots.

    xx Simone
    Little Glittery Box

  2. I've always wanted to go to Singapore. What a fun study trip!

    S | Je M'appelle Chanel