hey mates! so last December until beginning of January I was at Bandung,Indonesia. so this is basically the best trip I ever had, like seriously. 
first thing first I went there by my own. actually I aint plan this trip as a budget trip but since all the foods, clothes and others are quite cheap so yeah.. AND YEAH I WENT TO THRIFT SHOP! I always love thrift shop. guess what I bought?! black-jeans-levis-outer and Levis' black high waist pants. aaaaaa I'm in love! I got those two in Rp 240.000 !! okay move forward. I plan this trip is more about nature
since Bandung has lots natural tourism so hell yeah bring it on! usually when I am about to go to hill, I started leaving hotel about 4 AM so that I can see sunrise. #breathtakingview 
okay in this blog I will sum up all my eight-day-trip in a paragraph. first day, I went to thrift shop to buy outer and pants because I only bring lil bit clothes and went to Jatinangor at night (okay Jatinangor's weather is soooo cold man). second day, I was about to go to Tebing Keraton but sadly it was close so I went to Tangkuban Perahu and Cikole ( in Cikole has so many pine trees which is so cool ). my third day is all about thrift shop, again haha and fooods. fourth day, I went to mall, church, Alun-Alun Bandung and Braga to spend new year's eve. at fifth day I went to church then go to Cukul farm okay this is quite far but the view amazed me. my sixth day was my lazy day meanwhile bought some gifts for family and relations. at my seventh day, I went to Tebing Keraton again ( leaving hotel at 4 AM ) and get off from it about 6 something. this place is highly recommended tho! and here go my last day, before I went to airport I went to a place called Warunk Upnormal. I totally love their hazelnut milk. it smells so good tho, like seriously. and here are some photos so show you guys how great Bandung is
Tangkuban Perahu


so I got free carrots to feed deer and free strawberry juice while buying ticket before enter Cikole. they are so cute, but I scare a bit  

found this cute cafe!

so these five photos are in Tebing Keraton. beyond great! thats why I said this place is highly recommended. I love how I can see the fog is moving... priceless!
Cukul farm

bae gave me this #blush🙈

okay, pardon me for posting so much photos in this post because I just want to share to you guys how great Bandung is and obviously my trip. honestly I'm just so in love with Bandung. starts from the city, the resident is literally soooo decent ( at least for me, again ), I love how the road and pedestrian look so classic and lastly there are so many hills and mountain that you can go. and oh! the weather aint warm but not-so-cold either so yeah..
the reason I love go to nature instead of mall is that, the more I see the more I feel grateful because of God's masterpiece, I am lost of word. indeed.
see you guys on my upcoming post, haven't think of proper idea what to post but I will try to work on it real soon(:



  1. beautiful photo's. sounds like a wonderful trip

  2. I love it all your photos. Sincerely I love it each photo are not too much photos for me. Thanks for share about your trip

  3. Great pictures! ;)
    Agnese & Elisa

  4. Pretty photos. Those Levis sound like a steal. What sweet flowers!

    S | Je M'appelle Chanel

  5. I love the vintage aesthetic of these photos! Definitely looks like film. So neat.


  6. These photos are adorable! I love this little house, the baby goat, the quaint cafe, and the beautiful mountains. I have never been to Indonesia. It sounds and looks gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see your thrift finds.

  7. wow.. beautiful pictures.