hey mates, like what i've said in my previous post that i will show you my new hairstyle isn't it? well... chill i will definitely post lots of photos in this post. actually i got this super-curly-hair since in middle of January but i ashamed with this style so i didn't take any picture. when Chinese New Year, i thought of posting something in my Instagram since its been a long time tho so yeah i started taking pictures since that day. almost all my family members said that this style suits me so well but i just don't like it, i dont know why. im just praying that my hair grow faster and the curly-curly will lost yeay! okay, i just post the pictures alright.
yap! this is my new hairstyle.

this is my dad, anyway

so, what do you think? yeay or nay? i know its add up the volume of my hair. 
okay let me talk about this outfit too alright, there you go:

black shirt : H&M
ripped jeans : unbranded
sneakers : CONVERSE

this outfit actually quite simple, because i thought that since my jeans is wayyyy to ripped so i better paired it with basic. then after looking at my wardrobe for a long time, i decided to use this kind of oversize basic shirt. well this shirt is a bit flimsy so i add up a black tanktop too so i aint look "that hot" tho. and thats a wrap for this post! i will try to post more often okay, i am sorry pals! this university life almost drive me crazy thinking about how much assignments that i have to finish in real quick #sigh
stay tuned,


  1. your hair looks really great! I love the length!

  2. Love that curly hair :) fancyy

  3. Dropping by for the first time! You look so great in that hairstyle, I've always wanted one but I'd look like a potato if I had it, lol.

    x, Cinthy Kwok