hey mates, so i just had my short escape with my small family well,specifically mum,dad,cousin,aunt and i. After my short escape in the past April ( you can read it one more time tho - 20.04.2016 ) , this holiday  i go to Malaysia, or should i say Penang and HatYai ( Thailand ). actually i dont want to join them because that time is my first day in term 4 and i think it is such a waste of time but my mum forces me to join so yeah... im in!

this is my airport outfit
dad,mum and aunt

so this is my first day outfit, i think it is important to choose super comfy outfit while you traveling especially in plane, heels is a no no for sure! well actually the main reason of this trip is my dad has to check his health and thanks God his health is more than fine!

on second day, i give a little touch of feminine side since i rarely use this shirt. i just strolling around malls, but in the evening we take a bus to HatYai. it takes around four to five hours from Penang to Hatyai.
so this is HatYai, people! for those who loves sour and spicy food, then this is the right place for you. not to mention for girls who love shopping, i mean every girl does! only in Thailand you can find cheapest outfit with good quality. no wonder people like to buy clothes here then sell it online.
when traveling, i always love to adventure places that people dont know where is it, and i count on local people and map. while mum left my cousin and i, its my time to explore around HatYai. my cousin,cindy, is looking for place which sells lots of clothes so we try to find where the place is since we already know the name, TheBigPlaza , it much more easy for us to find. But the dark side is, just small amount of people who talks English and Mandarin so yeah, we use hand language for sure but it kinda fun tho!
the fun thing about this trip is that besides cindy and i know more about the place, we also like to stop by and take a photo everytime we find out the place is awesome for our Instagram feed haha!
and right on 31 August 2016 evening we go back to Penang so yeah we only stay for one day and our time fully for foods and clothes!

 this is my second time to Lebuh Chulia, maybe because i just love the houses there thats why everytime i go to Penang, i have to go here! but the different is,this time im here with cindy,not my friends. actually the main reason we come to Chulia is because Cindy dont know about this amazing place and i want to show her how good this place is. Of course i still need map and asking people how to go here but the bright side is they are fluent with English and Mandarin so it's easier for us to ask.

and now is the end of my short escape, nothing special about this day except i just buy bomber jacket!! yass , finally i have my own bomber jacket!

i never thought plane's toilet has such a great light!

i have such a great time, indeed, although on my mind im thinking about projects that i have to face right i touchdown to my city #collegelife and plus right before until i go back from my holiday, i have a major fight with my beau,which is sucks! it totally ruined my mood for sure, somehow i realized its my fault too but he is just can't stop mad at me. honestly i feel like i need to fly back to my hometown and finish our problem, face-to-face i meant. well past is a past, thanks God technically our problem solved!
now i realized that in this post i aint talk much about my outfit, but chill, i will post it in my upcoming post about whole outfit above alright!



  1. your comfy dressing is super cool! love all your outfits. glad things are fine for your father. you make me miss holidays so much!

  2. Love all these casual but street chic looks. I love easy outfits like these for travel. Thanks for sharing! xoxo, Christine

  3. Love your photos! Looks like you're having a lot of fun exploring different places. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us xo, sharon

  4. I love how you processed these photographs. The cool grey and white tones really add something!

    Alyse (J.X.L.) | Lumière & Lens

  5. So jealous you were in Thailand! It's been on my travel wish list forever and I still haven't gotten around to it. You're killing it in all these casual and simple looks (and can I have that bomber jacket)?!


  6. penang is so lovely!
    love your photos too

    style frontier

  7. cool casual outfit