hey mates! i know lately im such a diligent blogger because i post a lot though but sadly this is my last post for um.. this and next month i guess, because i have to face end of semester test. although basic colors always win my heart, but this week i match it up with my most favourite color besides basic colors which is blue!yes,blue!

i get this outfit inspiration from my cousin,Juan, because he keep showing me how people in Japan match their outfit, obviously this is not how Japanese wear clothes but the use of white socks and let it be as high as it should be instead of make it looks short. 
what i wear :

unbranded basic blue t-shirt
Gaudi pants
ROXY ombre jacket
unbranded white baseball cap 
white socks
Converse white sneaker

i found out this place is pretty dope, what you think? it's located near my home actually.
okay, i think it is enough for this post because i need to go back to my assignments. you know, i have lots of both individual and group assignments for all courses that i have to-do-immediately. wish me and all students in my university best luck for this term exam, because it is going to be tough!



  1. good luck with your test
    and always love converse style


  2. goodluck for ur test!

    xx, angel