hollaa mates! first thing first, HAPPY SUNDAY! so just now i went to cafe and one cool spot for photoshoot since my cousin is here. yeay. enough with words, let's move to pictures

this spot is super lit,like seriously! i know this spot from my friend,Yogi, THANKS GI! it is located in Centre Point Mall, im so in love when my first step in this spot. loving the colour,you know grey-white-black always win my heart.

about my look: floral shirt pairs with black trousers,white-egypt-shoes and black rucksack.

NEXT! this spot called YELLOWCUP, still in Centre Point Mall. to be honest, this is the most minimalist place in Medan i ever see.

 big thanks to my boo,Juan to be such a cool cousin and obviously my greatest photographer! in case you curious about his face,let me put his photos alright

well,i think it is enough for this post. i am so sorry because i absent for um.. two months, i guess. i try to post more often okay!