time flies so fast isn't it? thus,let's more appreciate and thankful for what we have especially family and friends surround you.

i have a special relationship with this girl.We met since she was about 2 or 3 years old.Her mum and mine are best friend.Years by Years our relationship become bolder.People always thought she is my little sister probably because they see us more like sister rather than friend.HAHHA! well,every relationship always have up and down even with our mum/dad but no matter what i still love her!
pictures taken by my closest friend on earth : Verine


 i did mention about i become a kindergarten teacher right?
so these are some of my students(except that girl,she is from 
another class) during Halloween several days ago.
 well,i just know them for months but i do love them!it sucks
that it can't be forever because later on they will go for upper class and thats mean sayonara*sigh*

and hollaa this is my small family. im so thankful that i have them in my life,well actually i used to not have a good relationship with them but since i become older and more mature,i start to being closer with them and now i have a better relationship with them.

hopefully from this post,you also can be more grateful about what you have.Try to forgive and love each other because life is too short for us to hate each other. 



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  2. nice photos :)

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