im official become a college gurl hahha! i started my uni life about month ago,and honestly i can't wait for graduate. yap. there are several reason why i said so. 
first,i've to work in the morning and school in the evening so thats mean i dont have time to rest. For me,no matter what i need to take a nap or at least take a rest.
second,my eating time is totally mess up! you know,i don't eat dinner after 6PM and my bus pick me up at 4 PM so thats mean my dinner will be at 3.30 PM. i think this is the reason why my mum says im getting skinnier,which is good.
third,i dont have time to study. nobody knows my mind ability like i do. at first i ask my mom whether i can take morning class? because i easy to absorb material at that time. but she dont allow me to. so...what can i say
forth, let me tell you what,my anti-social level is 100% .i prefer to listen and keep my mouth shut rather then talking blablabla,which this is so not good because in my uni,UPH Medan,we have to ask question or answering question. thus,i have the answer on my mind,but i dont talk unless the lecture call my name.

i guess thats all,make sure you will check out my next post by following my blog or my instagram because i already have the concept for next blog(:

Tyra Nessa


  1. Wow you're time table seems so busy, I couldn't imagine working & studying on the same day, you must be so ambitious! I only did weekend jobs so far ^^,
    Anyways, I wish you good luck in university and that as you settle in, you'll be able to reorganise your time, eating and social level haha <3


  2. Life of a college girl, anyway, you can do it! It will be over as soon :)