ohoy mates! I just went back to hometown yesterday and I cant wait to start blogging. So I had a long trip in Malaysia with my mates and three of us are gals. okay. in this post i'll write everything while im in Kuala Lumpur.
I still remember first day in Kuala Lumpur we are about to go out and grab some food,when im talking to my mates suddenly a group of people come to us and force us to write our name,age,nationality and how much money that we have to give them because they said they need this money for school,i guess . at first,i just try to be nice and I write RM 20(because he said the minimal is RM20) so I just gave him RM50 and he supposed to give me RM 30 right?  but he only gave me RM20,i swear I already pissed off and then he asked to write on his friend's book again about my name,age,nationality and the price. at first he said that I only need to write,no need to pay. but suddenly he tell me to pay again. FOR GOD'S SHAKE im soooo pissed and I pull my mates out from that place. so the total money I gave them is RM 50,both of my mates RM 70. WHY ARE THEY SO MEAN UH?! if not because they force me to write down and there's no traffic i'll just leave those people. UGH!

okay..forget about those people and let me continue about something good. I live in Piccolo Hotel,Bukit Bintang when im in Kuala Lumpur,this hotel is highly recommended especially if you are teen because this place is so crowded, as you can see from my pictures. That ice-cream in my photo, I bought it in front of Piccolo Hotel and guess what buy 1 get 1 free. who doesn't love free stuff? hahha! so I gave it to my mate because that's no way I eat two ice creams
I really enjoy my trip this time is because everything we plan it by ourself like; pick a hotel,buy flight ticket and et cetera. and we get  an experience too . Because in Indonesia we don't have any MRT or bus,that's why we learn how to take MRT,what bus' number should we take if we want to go somewhere.
And yes,from Kuala Lumpur we go to Johor Bahru by train and it's about RM 33 for 5-6 hours. we are kinda shock when we see that we have to sit in 5-6 hours long,so in 20 minutes before we go to the train,we buy flight ticket for Johor Bahru to Penang without asking our mum #peaceoutmum
i'll post more about my journey in Johor Bahru and Penang so.. stay tuned okay!

picture 1 and 2
shirt and jeans : unbranded
bag : GUESS
picture 3 and 4
crop tee : COTTON ON
dungarees : COTTON ON
bag : GUESS
sandals : unbranded
sunglasses : Ray Ban

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